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10 Christmas Movies on Hulu That Rival the Classics

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We Matched the Best Christmas Movies on Hulu With Classic Holiday Favorites

Folks, we made it! It’s officially the holiday season, which means it’s finally acceptable to drink all the hot cocoa and eat all the cookies in sight (as if we haven’t been doing that since March).

In all seriousness, there is nothing more comforting than curling up on the couch for a Christmas movie marathon. Whether you’re looking for a rom-com, fantasy, holiday horror movie, or something for the whole family to watch — Hulu’s got you covered!

We took the guesswork out of it for you and matched our top Hulu picks with a Christmas classic. Get cozy and grab your quarantine buddy (or start a Watch Party) because we’ve compiled a list of the Christmas movies on Hulu you’re sure to love, based on your favorite holiday classics!

Best Fantasy Movies

Sometimes, we all need to be plucked out of reality and whisked away into a completely different world. That’s the magic of a fantasy film. We can be transported in time, set our imaginations free, and gain entirely new perspectives. For the fantasy fanatics, we present the prequel to one of the most beloved Christmas classics of our time: A Christmas Carol.

If You Love Disney’s A Christmas Carol

This story has enchanted generations, hence why it’s been recreated over and over again. If you’re feeling a little “bah humbug” this year, or you’re just a huge fan of Disney’s A Christmas Carol,* check out The Man Who Invented Christmas.

This movie follows one of the greatest novelists of the 19th century, Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens), on a journey to create the now-iconic characters of Ebenezer Scrooge (Christopher Plummer) and Tiny Tim. This movie will give you an inside look at the life of Charles Dickens, provide insight into what compelled him to pen the classic tale, and even reveal who inspired some of the characters.

Watch: The Man Who Invented Christmas on Hulu

*Disney’s A Christmas Carol is available with The Disney Bundle. Includes Hulu (ad-supported) plan. Access content from each service separately.

Best Romantic Christmas Movies

What do you get when you take the warm and fuzzies of a rom-com and add the decor, nostalgia, and chaos of Christmas? Pure, movie-watching bliss.

We all love a holiday rom-com (whether we want to admit it or not), and Hulu has a full library to keep you entertained all season long. Based on your favorite flicks, these are the Hulu titles that are sure to warm your heart.

If You Love Love Actually

Love Actually* has made virtually every “Best Christmas Movie” list known to man. Why? The star-studded cast gets you to press play but, ultimately, it makes you feel all the feelings. What could possibly compare to the rom-com gold that is Love Actually, you ask? It’s the first-ever Hulu Original Christmas movie, Happiest Season.

This movie follows Abby (Kristen Stewart) home for the holidays with her girlfriend, Harper (Mackenzie Davis) — except Harper hasn’t yet come out to her conservative parents, Ted (Victor Garber) and Tipper (Mary Steenburgen). Star-studded cast, check!

If that’s not enough to get this at the top of your watch list, consider this: If there’s anything we learned from Love Actually, it’s that love is worth the risk, no romantic gesture is too big, and we can see a little bit of every character within ourselves. Happiest Season delivers on all of these fronts. If that’s still not enough, John (Dan Levy) and Riley (Aubrey Plaza) are the best friends we all need right now.

Watch: Happiest Season on Hulu

*Love Actually not available on Hulu.

If You Love The Holiday

When you think of the best romantic Christmas movies of all time, you think of The Holiday,* am I right? We’ve all dreamt of finding love in a magical land far, far away. This movie lets us live that fantasy through the eyes of Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.

If you love the premise of The Holiday, you should give Naughty & Nice a watch. It follows big-time radio DJ Pepper Serling (Tilky Jones), who you might say is the male version of Diaz’s Amanda Woods. After making some crude remarks on-air, the station’s execs ship him off to a sister station in small-town Colorado, where his new co-host (Haylie Duff) checks his ego.

If you’re a true rom-com lover, you can probably see where this is going (but you’ll have to watch to find out for sure).

Watch: Naughty & Nice on Hulu

*The Holiday requires Live TV plan.

If You Love Little Women

It has long been suggested that Little Women* is, indeed, a Christmas movie. This idea was further substantiated last year when the latest remake of the film dropped on Christmas Day.

For those of you who can’t get enough of this classic holiday romance and the March sisters, we’ve included another remake, The March Sisters at Christmas, in our Holiday Hub.

Watch: The March Sisters at Christmas on Hulu

*Little Women requires STARZ® on Hulu add-on subscription.

If You Love How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Few can resist the humor, charm, and heart of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas.* Whether you prefer the animated version or Jim Carrey’s live-action adaptation from 2000, you “Whos” are in for a real treat with this one.

From the director of Bridesmaids, Last Christmas follows Kate (Emilia Clarke), a quick-witted twenty-something on a journey to find herself again after recovering from a life-threatening illness. She’s working at a Christmas shop, just trying to get by, when she meets Tom (Henry Golding, the Cindy Lou Who of this story) and things start looking up.

The twist at the end will definitely make your heart grow three sizes, just saying.

Watch: Last Christmas with Hulu with HBO Max® add-on**

*How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) is available on Hulu through December 22, 2020. Requires Live TV plan.
**Last Christmas requires Hulu with HBO Max® add-on subscription.

Best Christmas Comedy Movies

We all need a little comic relief around the holidays, especially in the year 2020. If you’re looking for a little less “rom” and a little more “com,” we’ve got some Hulu picks featuring comedy genius Will Ferrell.

If You Love Elf

Not only has Elf* earned its place as one of the best Christmas comedy movies of all time, but Buddy the Elf has become a holiday icon. If you love watching Buddy’s journey to find his Dad, you’ll get a kick out of Daddy’s Home 2.

Much like Elf, this movie delivers a star-studded cast, including Will Ferrell himself, alongside Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Mel Gibson, and John Lithgow.

Just as Dusty (Wahlberg) and new stepdad Brad (Ferrell) have started to get a handle on co-parenting, they have to welcome their own dads home for Christmas, adding a whole new level of chaos to an already complicated situation. You might find yourself asking, “Does someone need a hug?”

Watch: Daddy’s Home 2 with Hulu + Live TV**

*Elf requires STARZ® on Hulu add-on subscription.
**Daddy’s Home 2 requires Live TV plan.

Best Christmas Classics for the Family

The best Christmas movies are the ones that bring the family together through a good dose of holiday spirit, a story we can all relate to, and feel-good vibes that warm the heart long after the credits roll. Hit a high note with these fun family features.

If You Love National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation*

If you spend every Christmas with the Griswolds, adding This Christmas to your watchlist is a no-brainer. Both of these holiday movies emphasize family traditions and center around the madness that ensues when everyone comes home for the holidays. (Sorry, Tod, we still don’t know why the carpet is all wet).

In This Christmas, family matriarch Ma’Dere Whitfield (Loretta Divine) welcomes all six of her children home for the holidays. It’s the first time they’ve all been together in several years, which brings lots of family secrets to light. Discover This Christmas and more movies with strong matriarchs streaming now.

Watch: This Christmas on Hulu

*National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation not available on Hulu.

If You Love The Family Stone

If you seem to gravitate toward movies that bring a deluge of personalities to the table for Christmas dinner, like The Family Stone,* you’ll love A Very Brady Christmas.

Like the Stone family, the Bradys host a houseful for the holidays, setting the stage for a variety of shenanigans and soul-searching moments. Luckily, both films also feature strong matriarchs in Sybil Stone (Diane Keaton) and Carol Brady (Florence Henderson), who help tame the chaos. Bonus: You’ll get into the holiday spirit with the family we’ve all been talking about ever since the world shifted to Zoom!

Watch: A Very Brady Christmas on Hulu

*The Family Stone requires Hulu with HBO Max® add-on subscription.

If You Love Home Alone

As with the film Home Alone,* the holidays bring an unexpected houseguest to the Anderson family in this story. If you can’t get enough of Kevin McCallister’s antics, you’ll have a blast getting to know crazy Aunt Katie in Hulu’s Christmas With the Andersons.

The Andersons are known for throwing lavish Christmas parties, but everything changes when Michael Anderson (George Stults) suddenly loses his job. Luckily, Aunt Katie (Julie Brown) has some tricks up her sleeve and helps the family rediscover the reason for the season. Hint: it’s not those lavish parties, or vacations to Paris.

Watch: Christmas With The Andersons on Hulu

*Home Alone requires Live TV plan or The Disney Bundle. The Disney Bundle includes Hulu (ad-supported) plan. Access content from each service separately.

Best Scary Christmas Movies

For horror movie enthusiasts, no time of year is exempt from a good scare. That’s right, even Christmas. Lucky for this niche group of moviegoers, Hulu has a full library of scary Christmas movies included in our Haunted Holiday collection.

If You Love The Nightmare Before Christmas

If Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas* tops your list of all-time favorites, you probably believe that “creepy” and “Christmas” belong together. Like the animated holiday classic, Hulu’s Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale centers around the capturing of Santa (and for good reason).

Set in northern Finland, two young boys discover a disturbing drilling site in the mountains, which they believe to be the tomb of Santa Claus. They capture a less-than-jolly St. Nick, who may be the grisly key to children disappearing and the slaughtered reindeer nearby.

Watch: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale on Hulu

*Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale requires Live TV plan or The Disney Bundle. The Disney bundle includes Hulu (ad-supported) plan. Access content from each service separately.

Check out Hulu’s full Holiday Hub for more movies, TV series, and holiday specials to satisfy every mood.

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