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Most Romantic Christmas Movies for Heartwarming Holiday Feels

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The Christmas season means one thing—it’s time to bring on the cheesy, sappy, and incredibly romantic Christmas movies…a lot of them. There’s really nothing that says feel-good like an extremely predictable love story set in a beautiful place during the most wonderful time of the year.

If you’re into that sort of thing (which, let’s be real, who isn’t?), then check out the best romantic Christmas movies streaming now, as well as the complete list of every holiday romance available on Hulu to carry you all the way through Christmas Day.    

Romantic Christmas Movies

The Holiday

Title art for The Holiday

When love troubles ruin Iris’ (Kate Winslet) and Amanda’s (Cameron Diaz) holiday plans, they decide a Christmas vacation is needed. But, instead of booking hotel rooms, they each decide to stay in each others’ homes. While their plans are to avoid romance, it may just find them anyway. 

Watch: The Holiday

The Truth About Christmas

Title art for The Truth About Christmas

Jillian (Kali Hawk) is a successful political consultant with a flair for putting the right “spin” on any situation, even when that means lying. That is, until she takes one lie a little too far during a confrontation with Santa at the mall. 

As she heads to meet her boyfriend’s family for Christmas, Jillian finds herself cursed and physically unable to tell a lie. Watch as she works to make a good impression, while navigating her newfound, brutal honesty.

Watch: The Truth About Christmas


When one of Santa’s reindeer is captured by a big game hunter in California and brought to the zoo, Santa-in-training (code name: Nick Snowden), embarks on a mission to get him back. However, when Nick (Tom Cavanaugh) meets a zoologist named Sandy (Ashley Williams), Saint Nick finds more than just his reindeer.  

Watch: Snow

Second Chance Christmas

Title art for Second Chance Christmas

On her way to file her divorce papers, Caroline (Katrina Begin) suffers an accident that leaves her with amnesia and no memory of her almost ex-husband, Jack (Tilky Jones). Jack, on the other hand, is determined to fix his mistakes and avoid divorce. 

Could amnesia give Caroline and Jack a second chance at romance? Or will Caroline get her memory back before he gets the chance?

Watch: Second Chance Christmas

The Christmas Calendar

Title art for The Christmas Calendar

After moving back home and taking over her late grandmother’s bakery, Emily (Laura Bell Bundy) receives a handmade advent calendar from a secret admirer in town. With word of the unknown sender spreading like wildfire, the town becomes obsessed with solving the mystery before the answer is revealed on Christmas Eve.

Watch: The Christmas Calendar

Naughty & Nice

Title art for Naughty & Nice

When Pepper (Tilky Jones), an unpredictable, trouble-making radio DJ from California, takes a prank a little too far, he’s suspended and sent to co-host a radio show in Colorado with Sandra Love (Haylie Duff), aka: the “Love Doctor.” 

As soon as the two get on the air, their romantic chemistry is undeniable. But will love be enough to keep Pepper around when his old life comes calling him back? 

Watch: Naughty & Nice

Christmas Perfection

Title art Christmas Perfection

Darcy has always wanted to have the perfect Christmas. But, in her pursuit of the perfect day, she’s lost sight of what Christmas really means. When she magically wakes up in a picture perfect Christmas village, she learns that perfection may just be too good to be true.

Watch: Christmas Perfection

Married by Christmas

Title art for Married By Christmas

When sisters Carrie (Jess Macallan) and Katie (April Bowlby) learn that their father’s business will be handed down to whichever one of them is married first, it’s a race to the altar. With Katie’s Christmas Eve wedding already set, it looks like she’ll be the one to get the company—but Carrie is determined to find someone and elope before December 24th.

Watch: Married By Christmas

Holiday in Handcuffs

When waitress and aspiring artist Trudie (Melissa Joan Hart) gets dumped right before Christmas, she hatches a plan to appease her parents. She decides to kidnap David (Mario Lopez), a customer at the restaurant (who looks particularly like “boyfriend material”), and bring him to a remote log cabin with her family for the holidays. 

After several failed attempts at escaping, David decides to play along and make Trudie’s family fall in love with him. 

Watch: Holiday in Handcuffs

Happiest Season

Title art for Hulu Original Happiest Season

Abby (Kristen Stewart) is planning to propose to her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) at Harper’s family Christmas dinner. Only, Harper hasn’t quite told her family she’s gay yet. When Abby finds this out at the last minute, she’s forced to reassess her relationship and the woman she thought she knew.

Watch: Happiest Season

A Christmas Movie Christmas

Title art for A Christmas Movie Christmas

On Christmas Eve, sisters Eve (Lana McKissack) and Lacey (Kimberly Daugherty) make wishes to Santa. Eve, who loves Christmas more than anything, wishes for a holiday like the ones in the movies. But, when both sisters wake up in a Christmas movie that they’re (apparently?) starring in, they begin to realize that real life is nothing like a movie. 

Watch: A Christmas Movie Christmas

Winter Wedding

Title art for A Winter Wedding

Hallie (Andrea Bowen) and Lucas (Nick Bateman) have the perfect tropical destination wedding planned. But, when family conflicts arise, the couple is forced to change plans and put on a small town wedding in the middle of winter. Perfect for a snowy date night movie, this wintery romance won’t disappoint.

Watch: A Winter Wedding

Girlfriends of Christmas Past

Title art for Girlfriends of Christmas Past

When Livvy (Tammin Sursok), Murphy (Lindsey McKeon), and Zoe (Abigail Klein) find out they were all screwed over by the same man, they take revenge on their cheating ex at his company’s holiday retreat. 

When Livvy unexpectedly finds romance, she has to decide what’s more important: love or her plot for revenge?    

Watch: Girlfriends of Christmas Past

More Christmas Movies Streaming Now

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