No Man's Land -- No Man’s Land is a character-driven, action-packed, engaging thriller … that leans on espionage and action as well as on visceral characters and emotional drama. The story follows Antoine Darman, a charismatic Frenchman, whose life is shattered by the mysterious and tragic death of his estranged sister Anna in a suicide bombing. Antoine is convinced he saw Anna in a news program showing footage of Kurdish fighters. Desperate for answers and unable to live with the uncertainty that Anna might be alive, Antoine sets off to the Middle East to unravel a mystery that places him squarely in the depths of the Syrian civil war. Before long, Antoine finds himself joining forces with a unit of fierce, fearless, Kurdish female freedom fighters, the YPJ, and a ragtag group of international Idealists who’ve travelled to help in the fight against ISIS. The story unravels across the global landscape and it’s revealed that things are not as they seem as “true” identities and allegiances are brought to the surface, “real motives” are exposed, and relationships are questioned and broken. Amit Cohen, shown.

Amit Cohen is a writer/producer currently based in the US. Cohen co-created and wrote the acclaimed Israeli series False Flag, which Apple is now remaking. Cohen’s next series, No Man’s Land, co-penned with his regular writing partner, Ron Leshem, is coming up on Hulu and Arte. The show was co-created with Maria Feldman and Eitan Mansuri and directed by Oded Ruskin (False Flag).

Together with Leshem, Cohen created and co-wrote The Gordin Cell (adapted into English-language series Allegiance by NBC Universal) as well as the war series Valley of Tears, which is Israel’s biggest-budget TV show. From 2002-2012 Amit worked as an Arab affairs correspondent and commentator for Maariv, one of Israel’s most influential newspapers. He was mostly on the field, moving between Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Arab countries, covering major events such as the Palestinian Intifada, the death of Yasser Arafat, the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and its takeover by Hamas, as well as the “Arab Spring” and its implications.