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30 Best Hulu Documentaries to Stream Now

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What’s better than a good documentary? They allow us to take a deep dive into reality, learn about the people and topics that are important to us, and connect over a shared experience.

Take a break from your latest binge series and check out the best documentaries on Hulu that you can stream now.

Trending Hulu Documentaries

Looking for the documentaries that everyone is talking about? Look no further. Check out buzz-worthy documentaries on Hulu like Pharma Bro, Jacinta, A Glitch in the Matrix, and more.

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Celebrity Documentaries

If you can’t get enough pop culture, Hulu’s collection of celebrity documentaries won’t disappoint. Learn more about the early days of Nickelodeon in The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story, discover never-before-seen footage of your favorite ’90s stars in Kid90, learn everything about the conservatorship in Controlling Britney Spears, and more.

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Scary Documentaries

Title art for scary documentaries on Hulu

Looking for some good documentaries on Hulu for spooky season? Discover terrifying true stories, like Wrinkles The Clown, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, and Sasquatch.

Discover Scary Movies Streaming Now on Hulu

Best Docuseries to Binge

Some topics are so in-depth and have so many moving parts that they aren’t meant to be watched in one sitting — and so the docuseries was born. Check out some of our most popular streaming now, like The Next Thing You Eat, McCartney 3,2,1,  Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller, and more.

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Oscar®-Nominated Documentaries

Mind The Gap, The Mole Agent, and Collective documentaries on Hulu

With so many great documentaries out there, sometimes you need the film experts to point you in the right direction. Check out the Hulu Original documentary and 2019 Oscar® nominee Minding The Gap, and 2021 Oscar® nominees like The Mole Agent and Collective.

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Best True Crime Documentaries

We all want to see justice served, which explains the massive allure around true crime documentaries. Take a deep dive into the notorious true stories that shocked the world in The Most Dangerous Animal of All, Dead Asleep, A Wilderness of Error, and lots more.

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Popular Environmental Documentaries

Learn about our planet from people (and animals) from all walks of life — climate change activists, astronauts, primatologists, farmers, and even emperor penguins. Discover environmental documentaries like I Am Greta, A Beautiful Planet, The Loneliest Whale, and more.

Explore Nature & Environmental Documentaries Streaming Now

Best Hulu Original Documentaries

Discover popular documentaries like Untouchable, capturing the Harvey Weinstein scandal that sparked the #MeToo movement, Fyre Fraud, an inside look at the failed Fyre Island music festival, Summer of Soul, and more.

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Best Political Documentaries

More often than not, political drama is stranger than fiction. Get an inside look at the public figures whose work impacts our world in both positive and negative ways, like Hillary Clinton in Hillary, Martin Luther King Jr. in MLK/FBI, Donald Trump in Totally Under Control, and more.

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LGBTQ+ Documentaries

Discover inspiring true stories of self-discovery, love, struggle, and fearlessness. Popular LGBTQ+ documentaries like Pride, the Hulu Original Changing The Game, and Deep in Vogue are streaming now.

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Check out what’s new on Hulu for the latest documentary releases, and visit the Documentaries Hub to browse more of the best true stories streaming now.

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