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Celebrate the Holidays and Stream for A Cause

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Spending time with family this holiday season? Catching up on wrapping presents? Need a dose of cuteness during those moments? Starting today you can tune in to see adorable puppies and kittens getting into the holiday spirit in Hulu’s latest holiday-themed scenics,  “A Very Kitty Cocktail Party,” and “A White Elephant Puppy Party”, as well as “How to Train your Dragon: Snoggletog Log” as part of a Stream-For-A-Cause initiative that will benefit Canines for Disabled Kids

Stream the videos on Hulu or our social media channels to get a first look at the puppies and kitties playing with their presents, helping decorate the Christmas tree and enjoying some holiday treats. Not only are the scenics a cute and fun alternative to traditional yule log videos, but they also give you the chance to make a big impact and stream for a cause. 

If the videos get at least 1 million views between Thanksgiving and January 1st, 2020, Hulu will donate $50,000 to Canines for Disabled Kids, a national organization dedicated to increasing independence for children with disabilities and their families by promoting service dog partnerships, understanding, and awareness throughout the community. The organization offers free services to families and communities across the United States, and helps connect children with service dogs that can best help them overcome limitations caused by a variety of disabilities.

Whether played in the background of a holiday party or enjoyed from the couch,  “A White Elephant Puppy Party,” “A Very Kitty Cocktail Party” and “How to Train your Dragon: Snoggletog Log” provide a festive way to stream for a cause and ring in the holiday season. 

Check out the videos below:

*Hulu worked closely with Movie Animal Protection agency, trainers and handlers on set to ensure all “cast members” were treated with care on set.

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