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Hulu Will Be The First Live TV Service To Debut On Amazon Echo Show

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By: The Product Team

Amazon just announced its new Echo Show and we are very excited because Hulu is the first live streaming TV service to debut on this new Alexa-enabled device and its larger screen. When the Echo Show becomes available next month, Hulu viewers will be able to get to their favorite Hulu content live and on-demand quickly and easily using just their voice.

We know that hands-free, far-field voice control is a major win for those of you who live in  an Alexa household. In fact, since Hulu launched a voice enabled app on Fire TV last November, we’ve seen that Hulu viewers who use Alexa watch double the hours of content compared to viewers who use remotes, clicks and taps to tune into the content they love.

We’ve also seen that our Alexa users’ most-used voice request is “Alexa, play…” a certain TV show, movie or channel. It’s great that simple voice controls get these viewers into the content they’re ready to watch, but what exactly have Hulu viewers been asking Alexa to play?

Here are some of the top titles searched for since we launched Hulu’s integration with Alexa last November:

Top Movies:

–  Baywatch

–  Dr. Seuss: The Lorax

–  I, Tonya

–  Barney: A-Counting We Will Go

–  The Emperor’s New Groove


Top TV Shows:

–  The Handmaid’s Tale

–  Bob’s Burgers

–  Family Guy

–  Castle Rock

–  This is Us

Soon, Hulu viewers will be able to watch video content on Echo Show’s 10-inch HD screen hands-free with Alexa. You’ll be able follow along in real-time with the Food Network in your kitchen as your prepare finger foods for your football viewing party; pausing and rewinding when you’ve got your hands full and need to make sure you’re getting your measurements right.

We hope you enjoy your Hulu experience on Amazon Echo Show this Fall!

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