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Never Miss A Single Play This Football Season: 7 Pro Tips!

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By: The Sports Experience Team

The official start of NFL and college football seasons are just around the corner and we’d like to share some key information and pro tips to make the most out of your Hulu with Live TV, just in time for GAME DAY!

First thing’s first: If you’re new to Hulu With Live TV,  makes sure to check out all of our national sports network coverage – Including Big Ten Network, CBSN, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, FS1, FS2, NBCSN and SEC Network.

And, of course, we’ve got your local match-ups too – We’re a leader in local affiliate coverage among live streaming services with over 680 live local channels. We’re continuing to add more ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS channels, fast and furiously, to get you to the games that matter most to you.


Now, let’s dig into the seven pro tips for getting you into the game fast this season

1. Personalize Your Profile By Adding Your NFL And College Teams To My Stuff

If you’re firing up the Hulu app for the first time or you’re creating a new profile, you’ll be prompted to choose your favorite NFL and college football teams. From there, we’ll add these teams to My Stuff, your personal space for everything you want to keep track of, and those live games will show up in your Lineup and Sports collections on Home.

You can also go to a team’s Details Page and add the team to My Stuff from there. Plus, this fall you’ll start to see an updated experience for our Details Pages roll out across devices, designed with direct feedback from our viewers. Now, all the information you care about like Recording Options and how much time is left in the game, is front-and-center. We’ve even added a button that takes you directly into the channel’s live feed.

2. Know When The Game Begins With Mobile Notifications

Now that we know which teams you want to keep track of, we’ll send you a mobile push notification letting you know when each game begins. From there, you’ll be able to jump straight into the live game and watch from your mobile device.

3. Get Prepared For Kickoff With Pretune

Since we know that preparation can play a big part in your game day ritual, Pretune will surface your favorite teams’ games in Home 10 minutes before a game begins. You no longer have to scramble to find out what channel your game is on— we’ll have it ready and waiting for you with plenty of time to catch kickoff.

4. Search For The Names You Know

We know that the bigger your affinity is to your team, the more likely you’re going to refer to your team by its nickname, so you can search for your team by typing in “UCLA,” “Zona,” “Ole Miss” and the like.

5. See What’s On With The Sports Filter In The Live Guide

When you’re watching live TV, you can pull up your Live Guide and select the Sports filter to make finding games even easier.

6. Find It Fast In The Dedicated College And NFL Football Collections

Every Saturday and Sunday, we’ll have expertly curated one-stop game day destinations in the UI which compile all of the live and upcoming games for easy-to-find access.

7. Multiple Games? Watch Them All With Multiple Windows

If you’re watching on Web and are invested in multiple games that are airing at the same time, you can watch on multiple windows in your browser, depending on your live TV subscription.


We hope you enjoy these pro tips on Hulu’s live TV service during this football season!

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