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Hulu Ad Manager, a Self-Service Tool for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, Launches Today in Beta

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By Faye Trapani, Director, Self Service Platform Sales

Streaming TV viewing is increasing, and the number of consumers who choose streaming as their primary source of television is increasing too. Today, 90% of all 13-54-year-olds watch TV on a streaming platform. That’s an entire generation of consumers who most actively engage with their favorite TV show and movies — and their favorite brands — in a streaming environment.  We believe that all types of businesses, whether small, medium or large, should have an opportunity to reach that valuable Generation Stream.

As part of Disney’s powerful suite of advanced advertising solutions, Hulu is now giving smaller businesses the ability to advertise in a high quality, premium streaming television environment. With the beta launch of Hulu Ad Manager, a self-service solution for small and medium sized businesses to activate, manage and track their ad campaigns.


We’ve long enjoyed collaborating with many of the top 200 brands in the U.S., but we also want to accommodate smaller businesses with more modest budgets, many of whom are new to streaming TV.  With Hulu Ad Manager, we’re breaking down those barriers with a solution designed to democratize ad buying in premium television content. Hulu Ad Manager gives buyers a simple and intuitive way to tell their story on Hulu with a minimum campaign spend of $500.

We understand that small and medium sized businesses are faced with mounting challenges. It’s critical for these businesses to have a way to get in front of their customers and communities. Hulu Ad Manager gives businesses a way to include streaming TV ads in their overall marketing strategy and to help grow their overall customer base.

We’re excited to bring this solution to smaller businesses, not only as a new marketing channel, but also as a way to enhance the overall viewer experience on Hulu. By opening up Hulu inventory to small and medium sized businesses, we’re giving viewers more creative diversity and relevancy in their ad experience.

Today, viewers are spending more time with content on Hulu than ever before. And now with Hulu Ad Manager, for the first time, small and medium sized businesses have access to a self-service solution that gives them the choice and control to tell their story in Hulu’s premium streaming TV environment.

Learn more about Hulu Ad Manager today.







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