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Hulu Introduces Hulu DatR

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The television we love changes our lives – the characters we grow close to, the story lines we connect with, the plot twists that excite and confound us because hold on… is Jane Doe on Blindspot a rouge agent trying to uncover a heinous government cover-up or is her FBI team legit?I CAN’T HANDLE IT.

At Hulu, we want to empower our users who find TV as engrossing as we do to make those deep connections out in the real world, too.

Today, we’re proud to introduce HuluDatr, the revolutionary free new app that Hulu subscribers can now opt-in to and transform the way soul mates find one another. When activated, HuluDatr uses proprietary, state-of-the-art algorithms that will pair up TV-watching singles based off their most viewed shows and movies.

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As love and television go hand-in-hand, HuluDatr has led to some of the most successful, surprising pairings the world has ever known!

And, with a growing list of HuluDatr Extras designed to bring your love life to a whole new level, users can take their budding new relationship beyond the couch!


Cultural Connection Extra

Thanks to our friends at Arby’s, users can access content curated to your date’s cultural interests through The HuluDatr Cultural Connection Extra.

The HuluDatr Travler Extra

Next up, we have the HuluDatr Travlr Extra that allows viewers to opt-in to a personal concierge service that helps connect your aching hearts. Available around the clock, our personal Datr Travlr Agents work hard to optimize your trip for the perfect viewing experience, arranging travel, hotels, and anything else you might need.

‘Cause who actually believes distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Mood Setter Extra

Have the perfect show in mind but missing the mood? The Mood Setter Extra sends you a special care package sure to spice up your living room with a soft snuggling blanket, candles, colored lights, mini-lava lamp, thick warm socks, an aromatic diffuser and other things specially picked to woo your date.

It’s time to turn down the lights and turn up the heat.

Pet Watcher Extra

Watching your favorite show but don’t want to watch your pets? The new Pet Watcher Extra watches your pets so you don’t have to. It will provide specially curated viewing experiences programmed off of your most watched shows to keep your pets feeling like you are right there with them on the couch.

Tickets for Two Extra

Get off that couch and out of the house with the Tickets for Two Extra, a service that analyzes the combination of you and your date’s viewing habits and picks the best movie for your special evening out – like Universal Picture’s Neighbors 2.

Excited? Don’t waste another second. Learn more about HuluDatr today and press play on your love life.


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