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Hulu is Bigger and Bolder at Advertising Week 2020

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Over the past year, we’ve witnessed one of the most profound changes in the history of television: the rise and acceleration of Streaming TV.  

Streaming is now the primary source of TV for a majority of television viewers with three out of four viewers1 choosing to stream. Today, 90% of all 13 to 54 year-olds2 watch TV on a streaming platform. That’s an entire generation of consumers who most actively engage with their favorite TV show and movies — and their favorite brands — in a streaming environment.

From Oct. 5-8, join Hulu at Advertising Week’s first ever virtual event as we explore what the acceleration in Streaming TV means for advertisers and brands of all sizes, and how Hulu is shaping the future of streaming. 

To learn more about how you can join us, please visit:  


Trials & Triumphs: Going behind the scenes with a top streaming TV marketer

DATE/TIME: Monday, October 5 @ 11:10AM EST

CHANNEL: AWStudios Channel

DESCRIPTION: More competition than ever for content and consumer attention — all amidst a global pandemic, social unrest and a U.S. election year.  Navigating 2020 has challenged even the most seasoned of marketing veterans, including Hulu’s SVP and Head of Marketing, Pato Spagnoletto. For the first time, Spagnoletto will share what he’s learned in the face of constant change, how Hulu pivoted with its marketing approach and the best way to attract and retain subscribers. 


  • Pato Spagnoletto, SVP & Head of Marketing, Hulu 
  • Ruth Mortimer, Managing Director of Global Education and Development, Advertising Week

Generation Stream: Understanding Moods & Attention in Streaming TV 

DATE/TIME: Monday, October 5 @ 1:30PM EST 

CHANNEL: Entertainment Channel

DESCRIPTION: Watching TV isn’t always as simple as pressing play; many factors such as moods, serendipity and the love of browsing are making a comeback among Generation Stream.  This audience of streamers relies heavily on their emotional compass to carve their entertainment path. In this session, Hulu explores the impact of these content decisions, the effect they have on viewers’ attention, and what this means for the future of streaming TV advertising.

PARTICIPANTS: Julie DeTraglia, VP and Head of Research and Insights, Hulu


True Cross-Platform Campaign Attribution

DATE/TIME: Monday, October 5 @ 4:00PM EST 

CHANNEL: Entertainment Channel

DESCRIPTION: As the market leans into outcome-based advertising and buyers seek  deeper audience insights to understand if their ads are delivering results, the industry needs a true, holistic cross-platform attribution solution. Join Disney, Hulu and Samba TV as they explore how they’re working together to enable full campaign attribution for advertisers across all platforms including linear, streaming and digital.  


  • Dana McGraw, VP Audience Modeling and Data Science, Disney Ad Sales
  • Asaf Davidov, VP Ad Sales Research, Hulu 
  • Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-Founder, Samba TV  

SMB NIGHT SCHOOL: Your Customers Are Streaming and Your Ads Can Be Too 

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, October 7 @ 3:00PM EST 

CHANNEL: Acceleration Channel 

DESCRIPTION:  Streaming TV viewing is increasing, and so is the number of consumers who choose streaming as their primary source of television. Today, 90% of all 13-54-year-olds watch TV on a streaming platform. That’s an entire generation of consumers who most actively engage with their favorite TV show and movies — and their favorite brands — in a streaming environment.  At Hulu, we believe that all types of businesses, whether small, medium or large, should have an opportunity to reach that valuable Generation Stream. In this session, Hulu’s foremost Streaming TV experts will give small businesses best-practices for reaching your target consumers; from in-depth audience insights to creative tactics and tricks of the trade for telling the best story to achieve your objective, you’ll have all the resources you need to start reaching consumers in streaming after this session. 


  • Faye Trapani, Director, Self-Service Platform Sales, Hulu
  • Asaf Davidov, Vice President, Ad Sales Research, Hulu
  • Liz Levy, Vice President & Head of Branded Entertainment, Hulu 
  • Maryam Garg, CEO & Founder, MODMASK 

1 Conviva State of Streaming 2020

2 Generation Stream Study, April 2020

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