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Hulu Launches Creative Partner Program for Small-and-Medium Sized Businesses

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Offers businesses creative solutions to help them tell their story in Streaming TV

By Faye Trapani, Director, Self-Service Platform Sales

At Hulu, we want to help small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) build the best ads for streaming TV — ads that engage audiences in a streaming environment and meet the same high quality standards as the content viewers are streaming.

That’s why we have launched the Creative Partner Program for small-and-medium sized businesses. Whether an advertiser is repurposing an existing video for streaming TV or “baking from scratch,” the Creative Partner Program is a resource designed to offer SMBs access to creative partners who are specially trained in Hulu best practices, and have expertise creating unique, non-templated ads for smaller businesses at all stages of the advertising creative process.

Our creative partners offer creative solutions with a range of production options and price points. Each partner employs a network of experts experienced in partnering with small-and-medium sized businesses to build high-quality, visually engaging creatives for premium streaming TV environments.

The Creative Partner Program currently consists of four partners: Genero, Shuttlerock, QuickFrame and VidMob. Each of these partners have intuitive technology platforms specifically tailored to make it easy for small-and-medium sized businesses to navigate the creative production process from brief to delivery.

To learn more about our partners’ capabilities and our self-service solution for small-and-medium sized businesses, Hulu Ad Manager, visit today.

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