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Introducing Profiles on Hulu: An even more personal TV experience

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We are excited to announce that today we are beginning to roll out profiles to our viewers. With profiles on Hulu, each account can add up to six specific profiles. 

We want each of our viewers to have the most personal experience possible with Hulu and so that’s why we’ve invested in making sure that nearly every touchpoint on Hulu is personal to the viewer – including the masthead, personalized home page, surfaced recommendations and Watchlist. TV is very personal and we know people share their Hulu with spouses, kids and family members.  Inevitably, you may not be as enthusiastic about Sci-Fi as your spouse.  And it is likely that new episodes of Doc McStuffins are not quite as exciting for you as they are for your children. The next step in creating the most personal TV experience is introducing profiles.


Introducing Profiles

When a viewer creates a profile, they will be taken through a taste picking experience where they will be able to tell us the types of shows and movies they like, and the types of shows and movies they don’t like.  This will help us ensure that each profile surfaces recommendations and content that is distinctly personal to each viewer. If you tell us you love medical dramas and horror movies, we’ll make sure you see those genres of programs in your recommended content.


Each individual profile will have its own name, personal info, viewing history, recommendations and Watchlist. There will also be a new Kids profile type, which will allow our young viewers to browse content within the Kids Hub freely, without having to worry about running into mature content. As your Hulu household evolves, you’ll be able to create, edit, and delete profiles in your Hulu app or via Web.

Profiles: Who's Watching?

We’re excited to offer this next step in personalizing your TV experience.  We’ve started to rollout profiles to a small subset of our viewers and, in the next few weeks, we’ll continue to rollout the feature to more viewers across more devices!

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