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To Record or Not To Record? More DVR Options

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By: Richard Irving, VP of Product


As a company full of TV-obsessed enthusiasts, we’re always looking for new ways to add more features to our products that simplify, personalize and optimize the Hulu viewing experience based on your feedback. One area that we’re particularly excited to focus on is Cloud DVR. Our vision for our Cloud DVR is to provide you with highly customizable, intuitive recording options and features to reflect your relationship to each title.


So over the coming months, we’re baking in some great new features to give you a more robust management system and even more control over what you want recorded and when. We’re beginning our evolution of Cloud DVR today by introducing two new features across iOS, Apple TV (4th gen.), Xbox, Amazon Fire TV devices, Nintendo Switch and 2017 Samsung Smart TVs that give you more granular control over the way you record your favorite content.

Today, if you add something to My Stuff, we automatically record new airings of it to your Cloud DVR. But we know that My Stuff is also used to keep track of your favorite shows and movies. With this feature, when you add a show you love to My Stuff, we are giving you new options – you can tell Hulu to record new episodes and reruns, only new episodes or not to record that program at all. These features will roll out across more of the platforms we support in the coming weeks.


If you currently have programming in My Stuff, you can manually change your recording options on that show, movie or teams details page. There, you’ll be able to toggle the Record Series slider to reflect your preference for that program.


We hope you enjoy these initial steps in building out a more robust and personalized Cloud DVR. In the coming months, we’ll continue to introduce updates to the Cloud DVR that will give you greater control over how you manage your recordings, including how long you’d like to keep your recorded shows. As always, please continue to give us your great feedback here:

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