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See It, Read It, Watch It – New Features Now on Hulu

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At Hulu, we welcome any chance to deliver a better experience to our viewers. Since we launched the new Hulu experience in May, we’ve made improvements to directly address points and feedback that we are hearing from viewers across social media, forums and Hulu communities.

We wanted to take some time to highlight some of the key improvements we’ve made on the devices that support the new Hulu experience.


See more while browsing


We’ve made better use of screen real estate and increased the amount of information we show to you as you browse on your living room devices.

We’ve added new links at the bottom of each section on the Home menu to make it easy to find even more shows or movies in that category. Clicking on the link will take you to full menus for your content, rather than the list on the home screen.


Better readability and legibility


We increased the weight of our font and changed the leading, padding and spacing.  We are excited to bring these updates to you on tvOS, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Fire TV devices.


Lineup now highlights new episodes

Your Lineup should be your first stop for finding out what’s new and important for you on Hulu. So we’ve added a feature that highlights new episodes of the shows you watch directly in your Lineup. This is available across all your devices.



We like to show off all the new content that lands on Hulu in your Lineup. If you like to stay caught up on a show every week or want to know when shows come back after a long break, you can find out right away each time you launch the Hulu app.


Live and on-demand watch history  



You can now view your full watch history by selecting “All Watch History” at the bottom of the Keep Watching section on the Home menu.


Improvements to video playback

We want to get you to the content you love as fast as possible so we’ve made changes here:

Continuous Play is a feature that automatically starts a new episode, show or movie after the one you are watching ends. A countdown timer and details regarding the next video is now also displayed at the end of playback on iOS and Apple TV devices.  

We have reduced stream interruptions, and increased stability and video quality

App launch, signup, login, and overall transitions are more seamless than before

Scene previews are displayed on-screen when seeking during playback on Xbox One, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, and Chromecast devices


Please keep giving us great feedback.

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