Meet the Queen of Sweet Treats, Jackie Sorkin. Jackie is the CEO and Founder of Candy Kingdom, the sweets shop of dreams located in Hollywood, CA, and the palace where she’s been able to spread joy and celebration, creating amazing candy creations for brands and celebrities such as Oprah, The Kardashians, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber to name a few. Jackie is also the original creator and co-founder of Candytopia, the interactive candy wonderland and sprawling sanctuary of confectionery bliss, which has transported millions of guests to an imaginative wonderland with a one-of-a-kind full sensory experience. With over 10 locations, Jackie showcased her confectionary magic with her incredible pop art portraits, sculptures, and immersive experiences all created from SWEETS!

In hopes of spreading the joy and happiness candy brings her to homes and families everywhere, Jackie has also featured as a judge on Food Network’s ‘Rewrapped’, starred in TLC’s ‘Candy Queen’, and appeared as a guest Co-host on ‘The Kitchen’. Jackie’s infectious personality, vibrant energy, and positive outlook radiate throughout her work & career, though her goal is simple: to make this world a Sweeter Place. All hail the Candy Queen.

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