RUNAWAYS - Molly Hernandez (Allegra Acosta), shown. (Photo by: Jason Bell/Hulu)

Allegra Acosta plays “Molly Hernandez” in the Hulu/Marvel series Marvel’s Runaways. She was born in El Paso Texas, and started singing and acting professionally at the age of nine when her family moved to Los Angeles. Allegra had a recurring role in Nickelodeon’s 100 Things to do Before High School and guest starred on Just Add Magic on Amazon. She is also on a competitive dance team and is an emerging singer. Allegra’s other passions are animals. She and younger sister, Valentina, recently adopted two dogs from a shelter.

MOLLY HERNANDEZ (14) –  Strong-willed and perceptive, Molly isn’t afraid to tell it like she sees it, even if the others think maybe things would be better if she kept her mouth closed every once in a while.

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