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Update on Hulu + Live TV

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In 2017, we launched Hulu + Live TV to bring together live and on-demand television in one seamless experience. Since then, it has grown to become the most popular live TV streaming service in the US, and that’s because of its proven value to consumers: 60+ live sports, news and entertainment channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, FX, TNT, Bravo and all major broadcast networks, at a price that’s far lower than similar cable and satellite plans. On top of that, Hulu + Live TV includes all of Hulu’s on-demand content within it — thousands of movies and more than 85,000 episodes of television, including award-winning Hulu Originals and current and past hits like This is Us, The Good Doctor, Family Guy, ER and Lost.

Today, we’re letting customers know that the monthly base price of Hulu + Live TV will increase to $54.99, beginning December 18.  The new price better reflects the substantial value of Hulu + Live TV and allows us to continue offering all of the popular live news, sports and entertainment programming included in the plan.

Price changes are never easy to stomach, and we know that many people don’t watch live television year-round, so we’ve made it easy for Hulu subscribers to switch back and forth between our plans to best suit their needs. If you love college football, choose Hulu + Live TV during the season, then switch to one of Hulu’s less expensive on-demand plans when it’s over. If you enjoy most of your TV on demand but really want to watch live election news, just switch to Hulu + Live TV for a few months.

Whichever plan you choose at any given time, we just want you to have a great TV experience on Hulu.

All that said, we realize many Hulu customers want even more choice and control over their live viewing experience, so we’re actively exploring ways to provide additional, more tailored live TV options to you in the future. We’ll keep you posted on those efforts as they progress.

Team Hulu


* Hulu + Live TV’s new pricing will go into effect beginning December 18 for new subscribers. Existing subscribers will see these changes reflected in their subsequent billing cycle after December 18.
** The price increase will be applied across all Live TV plans.

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