Little Fires Everywhere -- "Seventy Cents" - Episode 103 -- Party preparations for Mirabelle McCullough’s first birthday are underway as Mia helps Bebe search for her daughter. Brian fights with Lexie after he learns the truth about her Yale essay, prompting Lexie to befriend Pearl. To Pearl’s dismay, Moody tries to take their relationship to the next level at the homecoming dance while Izzy sends a message to April. Disappointed with the results, Izzy seeks solace from Mia, who is reeling from the discovering that Elena’s best friends, the McCulloughs, are in the process of adopting Bebe’s baby. Moody (Gavin Lewis), Trip (Jordan Elsass) and Pearl (Lexi Underwood), shown. (Photo by: Erin Simkin/Hulu)

In 2012, Jordan was cast in multiple main stage theatrical productions until he was discovered by a talent agent in a performance of “Inherit the Wind”. Prior to his current work in a recurring role in Amazon’s new Y.A. show Panic and his role as a regular on Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere, playing the oldest son of Reese Witherspoon, he worked for several years primarily in Texas. In 2014, he completed filming his first lead role for a potential TV pilot called, Billy and the Bandit, playing the role of Billy. This show featured Western stars of the 1960’s, including James Drury, Gary Clarke and Roberta Shore, from The Virginian, and Buck Taylor from Gunsmoke. In late 2016, he played a lead role in a feature film PONY WITH A BROKEN WING, with actors Tom Arnold, Jonathan Silverman and Charisma Carpenter. He was cast in the National Geographic mini-series The Long Road Home and the upcoming TNT show Tell Me Your Secrets. In the fall of 2018, he co-starred with Liana Liberato in a short directed by Paul Wesley of Vampire Diaries.

He has also been cast in many commercials and film shorts. One of his gifts as an actor is the ability to play a broad range of roles, from serious drama to slapstick comedy, and everything in between. He loves being on set, learning new skills and meeting new people on each project.

Jordan recently graduated from Austin Community College, with his Associates Degree and is a Mixed Martial Artist and car enthusiast. He lives with his family in Georgetown, Texas. His manager is Kim Matuka at Schuller Talent and he is represented with Paradigm Agency.

A Shaker Heights high school junior, Trip is ‘small town jock’ handsome. A three-sport athlete, he’s known as a player. Girls flock to him – but it’s definitely for his looks, charm and charisma, not his intellect. But when he becomes involved with the daughter of Shaker Heights’ new and mysterious resident, he reveals himself to be more than he first appeared.

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