Alexander Elliot is a Canadian actor who began acting and dancing at age six. At the outset of his acting career, he was a member of a local theatre troupe, performing in a series of new productions each year. His early days in the theatre prompted him to start training vocally. In 2018, Alex played the role of Winthrop Paroo in a 10-month run of Stratford Festival’s production of The Music Man.  

Alex has many TV shows and movie credits to his name. His performances include roles in: Detention Adventure (CBC), Odd Squad (PBS), Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story (Silver Screen), as well as a role in the Netflix Series Locke and Key. He recently wrapped on the TV drama series, The Hardy Boys (Hulu/YTV) in which he plays ‘Joe Hardy’.

When Alex isn’t performing, he loves spending time with his family and his cat, Agador.  He enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and playing basketball. Alex also loves good books and a good night’s sleep.

JOE, age 12, the younger of the Hardy boys, is charming, rugged, adventurous and feisty. Joe acts first – thinks second. Quick to make friends, this affable kid is the life of the party. Though he jumps too soon and often mis-steps, he approaches everything from a point of earnestness and empathy. Sarcastic, funny and daring, he is capable of getting people to open up, even those who normally wouldn’t. Unlike Frank, Joe hasn’t lost the naivety of childhood, that spark of imagination that lets him believe even the most uncanny things could be real.

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