Rohan Campbell is a Canadian actor, born and raised in the small-town of Cochrane, Alberta, surrounded by farmland, cowboys, hockey and the Rocky Mountains.

His acting career began at the age of seven and some of Rohan’s early credits include a role in Ridley Scott’s TV series, Klondike, as well as a starring role opposite Scott Eastwood in the film Diablo.

His later film credits include The Professor starring Johnny Depp, and Boundaries opposite Christopher Plummer and Vera Farmiga. While in between films he was also cast in several TV shows such as Mech X4, The 100 and iZombie, as well as an emotional turn on the Netflix Original series Virgin River and most recently, in Sacred Lies (Facebook Watch) and Operation Christmas Drop (Netflix). Rohan returns as ‘Frank Hardy’ in Season 2 of The Hardy Boys on Hulu and YTV.

When Rohan isn’t in front of the camera, he spends time with family and friends and enjoys skating, playing hockey and exploring the wilderness near his home in Vancouver.

16-year-old FRANK is finally settling into his new life in Bridgeport. He’s been dating Callie Shaw for six-months, attending classes, hanging out with his friends, and he even bought himself his first car. But there’s still a darkness hanging over the eldest Hardy brother – the loss of his mother, his grandmother’s connection to a secret society, and a mystical relic that he thought was dead and buried. When a new case reignites Frank’s detective nature, he quickly realizes his life is far from normal – because the relic he thought was destroyed has actually imbued him with its power, giving Frank cryptic visions that will help him crack the case. But, at what cost? The power will slowly wear Frank down, make him vulnerable to nefarious forces, and cause friction and distrust among his friends. Frank will find himself torn between his newfound power, which may grant him the thing he most desires, and his family and friends who love and care about him.

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