Krista Nazaire is a Canadian actress born and raised in Toronto, ON. At the age of six, she was determined to pursue her undeniable passion to act and as a result, her parents placed her in theatre classes. Krista then moved to Montreal for four years with her family of Jamaican and Haitian descent where she attended F.A.C.E., Montreal’s historic arts school.

While carrying out her full-time studies, during her free time Krista was hard at work securing herself placements at weekend acting programs and submitting herself for independent projects to gain experience. With limited resources and immigrant parents who were not familiar with the industry, at the age of 12, Krista took it upon herself to take her own headshot, create her resume and pitch herself to her top agents. Soon after, Krista signed with her first talent agent.

In her more recent years, Krista attended Humber College and received an Honour diploma in Media Communications where she learned to excel in multiple trades including videography, photography, journalism, advertising, coding and public relations. Her work has been featured in a magazine publication, a museum and widely in Humber’s advertising.

When Krista isn’t in front of the camera, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring the Greater Toronto Area’s many fantastic cultural food spots and roller skating.

BELINDA is the new girl in town. Because she’s used to moving around for her dad’s work, she’s learned to live for the moment, never knowing where she might end up next. Witty, sarcastic, and creative, Belinda has learned to seek out only the most interesting people to make friends with – and in Bridgeport, that’s Chet. Belinda can be found passing the time cutting and pasting one of her infamous zines together. Part art project, part therapy, her zine is a safe way for Belinda to sort out her feelings and express herself, and Bridgeport, with all its secrets, is definitely going to be a lot for Belinda to process.

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