Harlan is an actor and musician from Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation and is proud to be making his on screen debut as Jonas Takosin in Season 2 of Tribal. Harlan has been performing on stage as a musician since the age of 11 and into adulthood playing venues in the city and townships of Meadow Lake, Loon Lake and Saskatoon. Being onstage rocking out sparked a fire and enabled him to explore his creative side culminating in working on school plays, concerts and class readings. He became the recipient of the Arts of Excellence Award at Island Lake School. He has continued to pursue his love for storytelling, wrapping up summer as the supporting lead on a Disney+ feature and was recently cast as a lead in a new series with CBC. Harlan is also the co-writer of his first feature length script exploring colonialism through the lens of three childhood friends battling a mythic beast in rural 1960s Canada.

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